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Allogeneic chimeric antigen receptor T-cells and multiple myeloma Volume 27, supplement 3, Juin 2021


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Service d’hématologie clinique et de thérapie cellulaire, hôpital Saint Antoine, AP-HP, Sorbonne Université, Inserm UMRs 938, Paris, France
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Autologuous CAR T-cells will be used routinely for multiple myeloma treatment very soon. Nevertheless, autologuous CAR T-cells may still present some important obstacles, such as leukapheresis or manufacturing failure, or lack of efficacy. In order to overcome these limitations associated with autologuous CAR T-cells, allogeneic CAR T-cells are developed. In fact, despite obvious difficulties related to HLA-mismatch between patient and donor, allogeneic CAR T-cells are readily available and potentially more effectives. Promising results of allogeneic CAR T-cells in acute lymphoblastic leukemia have been recently published. In multiple myeloma, several preclinical studies are ongoing and first result in human have been reported.