Cognitive difficulties in children with epilepsy Volume 21, issue 2, avril-mai-juin 2009

Centre de Toul’Ar C’oat, 29150 Chateaulin, France

Clinical and neuro-imaging studies have shown that attentional and executive functions are supported by the frontal and prefrontal lobe or by large networks involving these structures. Maturation of the frontal lobe goes on through the adolescence. At this time attentional and executive functions appear or progress like programmation and carrying out goal directed plans or like adaptation to the change. New requirements appear when entering the secondary school. A young with epilepsy may have more difficulties to succeed in this new challenges like entering high school and creating new relationships. At this age, attentional and executive functions are being more required. Epilepsy, whatever the syndrome, is a possible cause of disturbance, which may not be easy to detect. Specifics tests should be performed if learning problems are noticed with the intention of rehabilitation.