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Small hypothalamic hamartomas and gelastic seizures. [Published with videosequences]. Volume 4, issue 2, June 2002


  • Small hypothalamic harmatomas and gelastic seirues


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Department of Neurological Sciences, Epilepsy Center, Federico II University, Via Pansini 5, Naples, Italy.

Purpose: To describe the clinical history of patients with gelastic seizures (GSs) related to small-size hypothalamic hamartomas (HHs), and to show some of these unusual seizures. Material and methods: Patients with GSs and the MRI finding of HH < 1 cm diameter. Ictal EEG or video EEG are required. Results: Three patients, among 6 with GSs and HH, had a small sessile HH. None of them had a history of precocious puberty, nor any relevant cognitive defects. All patients suffered from other seizure types, in addition to GSs. GSs were drug-resistant in all cases. Conclusion: since small, not easily recognizable HHs may be present in patients with GSs, a careful MRI study of the hypothalamic, infundibular and mammillary bodys areas is mandatory in these cases [published with videosequences].