John Libbey Eurotext

Long-lasting seizure-related anxiety in patients with temporal lobe epilepsy and comorbid psychiatric disorders Volume 17, issue 3, September 2015

First symptoms started at around 08:00 am with sudden intense anxiety (the onset of videos is not presented). From 08:36 to 08:43, the patient was in tears, polypnoeic, and complained that symptoms were not improving; she remained perfectly conscious, syntonic, was able to be humorous, without any neurological deficit. At 08:47, she complained of diffuse cold sensations and of increasing left-sided paresthesia. At 08:50, she said that she was not able to control anything; at 08:52, she experienced intense dizziness and vertigo; at 08:55, she felt light-headed and nauseous. At 8:58, she became dysarthric and presented slow secondary generalization.

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