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Epileptic Disorders

The Educational Journal of the

Epileptiform discharges in benign focal epilepsy of childhood Volume 2, supplement 4, Supplément 1, Décembre 2000


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Section of Epilepsy, Department of Neurology, Cleveland Clinic Foundation, 9500, Euclid avenue, Cleveland, Ohio 44195, USA
  • Key words: BFED, rolandic epilepsy, centrotemporal spikes, benign focal epilepsy in childhood
  • Page(s) : 29-36
  • Published in: 2001

The electroclinical syndrome of benign focal epilepsy of childhood has been the subject of intense investigation over the past fifty years. Characteristic findings, over the years, of its signature electroencephalographic discharge, including morphology, topography, field of distribution, activation and reactivity will be presented and discussed.