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Epilepsy bibliography books and monographs (1945‐2003) Volume 6, issue 4, December 2004

  • Page(s) : 298
  • Published in: 2004

Fukuyama Y 8th edition. Edited by Child Neurology Institute, 2004

Epilepsy Bibliography is a very useful tool for everyone interested in epilepsy. It is of special importance as it includes references that are not otherwise easy to find. Books about epilepsy are often difficult to locate with the usual references systems, but contain considerable amounts of essential information.
Professor Fukuyama continues to collect and to organize these references in a very accessible manner, and this eighth edition is carefully edited, like the preceding ones, making this book a precious instrument for investigators and clinicians. The new edition adds over 1000 titles to the previous collection. Japanese books are also listed, and Proceedings in English of the annual meetings of the Japan Epilepsy Society since 1975 are added in an appendix. Books and monographs on education, sociology and legislation are also included, as well as a section for health workers, teachers, parents and patients.Professor Fukuyama’s work is most welcome and continues to be an excellent working instrument for all interested.