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Epileptic Disorders

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A supplementary sensorimotor area involvement for both negative and positive motor phenomena. Epileptic negative myoclonus and brief asymmetric tonic seizures. Volume 2, issue 3, Septembre 2000


  • Epileptic negative myoclonus and brief asummetric tonic seizures. A supplemenary sensormimotor area invilvement for bith negative and positive phenomena


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Neurological Institute, University of Bologna, Bologna, Italy
  • Key words: epileptic negative myoclonus, SMA seizures, frontal lobe epilepsy, seizure semiology
  • Page(s) : 163-8
  • Published in: 2000

Epileptic negative myoclonus (ENM) is an epileptic motor dysfunction characterised by brief lapses of postural tone provoked by paroxysmal cortical discharges. We report the electrophysiological and video-polygraphic findings in a patient presenting with the unusual association of ENM and brief asymmetric tonic-postural seizures of cryptogenetic origin. Focal EMG silent periods in the left deltoid muscle (mean duration 81.2 ± 16.4 ms), time-locked with vertex spikes were present. The time lag between spikes and ENM was 33.1 ± 4.6 ms. We suggest the involvement of mesial frontal areas in the genesis of both negative and positive motor phenomena.