European Journal of Dermatology

European Journal of Dermatology

Volume 9, issue 4, June 1999


Volume 9, issue 4, June 1999


Article Tufted hair folliculitis: response to topical therapy with nadifloxacin (p.276-7)
K. Iwahara, K. Ishii, Y. Chen, Y. Miura

Gènes et peau

Article Marie Unna hereditary hypotrichosis (p.278-80)
G. Argenziano, E. Sammarco, A. Rossi, M. Delfino, S. Calvieri

Votre diagnostic !

Article Keratosis lichenoides chronica (p.319-20)
R. Chikama, T. Terui, M. Tanita, H. Tagami

Article Tropical phagedenic ulcer (p.321-2)
M. Aribi, F. Breuillard, J. Poirriez

Article Eruption of lymphocyte recovery (p.323-4)
Manuel Ginarte, Carmen Peteiro, Jaime Toribio

Articles FMC

Article Pro and contra of specific hyposensitization (p.325-31)
S. Karl, J. Ring

Articles de la revue

Article Delayed-type hypersensitivity reactions to nominal protein antigens and to environmental allergens: similarities and differences (p.261-8)
A. Tsicopoulos, O. Fahy, A.B. Tonnel

Article Ultraviolet light and dendritic cells (p.269-75)
L. Meunier


Article Heat shock protein HSP 27 is expressed in all types of basal cell carcinoma in low and high risk UV exposure groups (p.281-4)
C. Bayerl, B. Dorfner, B. Rzany, E. Fuhrmann, C.C. Coelho, E.G. Jung

Article Twisted collagen fibrils in acrocyanosis (p.285-8)
T. Kobayasi, S. Ullman

Article Triterpenes from Centella asiatica stimulate extracellular matrix accumulation in rat experimental wounds (p.289-96)
F.X. Maquart, F. Chastang, A. Simeon, Ph. Birembaut, Ph. Gillery, Y. Wegrowski

Article Dentritic mast cells in prurigo nodularis skin (p.297-9)
Y. Liang, H.H. Jacobi, J.A. Marcusson, M. Haak-Frendscho, O. Johansson

Cas clinique

Article Two recent cases of tertiary syphilis (p.300-2)
P. Varela, R. Alves, G. Velho, C. Santos, A. Massa, M. Sanches

Article The seven features for melanoma: a new dermoscopic algorithm for the diagnosis of malignant melanma (p.303-8)
V. Dal Pozzo, C. Benelli, E. Roscetti

Article Multiple piloleiomyomas associated with solitary angioleiomyoma (p.309-10)
W. Rikihisa, H. Kiryu, M. Furue

Article Hydroa vacciniforme persistent in a 60-year-old man (p.311-2)
U. De Pietro, R. Simoni, C. Barbieri, G. Girolomoni

Article Multiple rheumatoid papules characteristic of the early stage of rheumatoid vasculitis (p.313-6)
E. Ikeda, S. Uchigasaki, S. Baba, H. Suzuki

Article Ofuji’s papuloerythroderma. An association with early gastric cancer (p.317-8)
G. Nazzari, C. Sabattini