European Journal of Dermatology


Recurrent follicular and lichenoid papules of sarcoidosis Volume 10, issue 4, June 2000


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Department of Dermatology, Kansai Medical University, 10-15 Fumizono, Moriguchi, Osaka 570-8507, Japan.

We describe a 62-year-old Japanese woman who exhibited recurrent follicular lichenoid lesions of sarcoidosis. The skin lesions appeared all over the surface of the body without any other organ involvement, and spontaneously regressed within 1 year. Two years later, the lesions recurred on the trunk, especially in the intertriginous areas such as the submammary areas and in fatty folds of the abdomen, and on the thighs and upper arms, with the appearance of uveitis of the right eye. Histological examinations showed that small epithelioid cell granulomas were localized in the perifollicular areas. The present case was characterized by a unique distribution of follicular lichenoid eruptions, which are rare manifestations of sarcoidosis and recurrence of the lesions.