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European Journal of Dermatology


Nevus depigmentosus with yellow hair colour due to an excess amount of benzothiazine-type pheomelanin Volume 28, issue 1, January-February 2018


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1 Department of Dermatology, Kindai University Faculty of Medicine, Osaka-Sayama, Japan
2 Department of Chemistry, Fujita Health University School of Health Sciences, Toyoake, Japan

Nevus depigmentosus is a leukoderma that is present at birth or occurs with early onset [1-4]. The skin and hair are involved in nevus depigmentosus of the scalp [2-4]. Herein, we describe nevus depigmentosus with yellow hair colour due to an excessive amount of benzothiazine-type pheomelanin.A two-month-old Japanese boy was referred to us in October 2016 with partial yellow scalp hair, which was noticed by the parents at birth. Physical examination in November 2016 revealed a hypopigmented macule [...]