European Journal of Dermatology


Growth factors in early hair follicle morphogenesis Volume 10, issue 5, July - August 2000


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Philipp University, Department of Dermatology, Deutschhausstrasse 9, 35033 Marburg, Germany.

Classic studies show the embryonic epidermis and mesenchyme must communicate during embryogenesis to form a hair follicle. However, the methods of communication between and within the epidermis and dermis that regulate hair follicle development are poorly understood. Potentially, the epidermis and dermis communicate by utilizing cell surface receptor expression, cell adhesion molecules, extra cellular matrix products, and chemical messaging via secreted molecules. With each product involved in cell communication, intensity, potency, time of production during hair follicle development, production duration, and spatial distribution must all be considered. The total sum of these factors must provide adequate information to cells about their respective location and role within the developing hair follicle. Here we review the potential contribution made to hair follicle embryogenesis by growth factors and their receptors.