John Libbey Eurotext

European Journal of Dermatology


Classic Kaposi's sarcoma Volume 11, issue 2, March - April 2001

Clinica Dermatologica, Università di Catania, P.zza S. Agata La Vetere, 6 I-95124 Catania.
  • Page(s) : 157-8
  • Published in: 2001

A 23-year-old Albanian HIV-negative male presented with multiple nodular lesions on his left foot. He reported the onset of lesions five months earlier, following a mechanical trauma, as small bluish-red papules that enlarged into nodules. Past medical history revealed a severe burn from an unidentified source on the dorsal surface of his left foot, which occurred in childhood and was treated with a skin graft. The patient was otherwise in good health. There was no history of prior use of cytotoxic drugs or corticosteroids. At physical examination, several procident reddish-violaceous and rubbery nodules, ranging in size from 0.5 to 1 cm, were present on the dorsal and lateral surfaces of the toes and on the plantar surface of the left foot. On the dorsum, the lesions were adjacent to a large and oval 5 x 7 cm hyperchromic scar resulting from the previous skin graft. Some nodules, which appeared eroded and covered by hemorrhagic crusts or purulent exudate, were tender. The foot appeared considerably edematous (Fig.1). Laboratory investigations were within normal limits.