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European Journal of Dermatology


circCOL3A1-859267 regulates type I collagen expression by sponging miR-29c in human dermal fibroblasts Volume 28, issue 5, September-October 2018


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1 Department of Dermatology and Venereology, Third Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University, Guangzhou, China
2 Department of Dermatology and Venereology, the Second Affiliated Hospital of Nanchang University, Nanchang, China
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  • Key words: circRNA, miRNA, UVA, fibroblast, collagen
  • DOI : 10.1684/ejd.2018.3397
  • Page(s) : 613-20
  • Published in: 2018


The genes COL1A1 and COL1A2 encode the pro-alpha 1 and pro-alpha 2 chains of type I collagen, respectively, which is one of the main components of skin dermis. We have previously demonstrated that a circular RNA (a class of recently identified non-coding RNAs that exhibit regulatory potency by sequestering miRNAs like a sponge), which we termed circCOL3A1-859267, is downregulated and regulates type I collagen expression in UVA-exposed human dermal fibroblasts (HDFs). However, the precise mechanisms of circCOL3A1-859267-mediated collagen expression in UVA-irradiated HDFs remain unclear.