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Bulletin du Cancer


Risk factors for developing upper limb lymphedema after breast cancer treatment Volume 93, issue 10, Octobre 2006

Unité de Lymphologie, Hôpital Cognacq-Jay, 15 rue Eugène-Millon, 75015 Paris

Secondary lymphedema occurs in 14 to 28% after breast cancer treatment. Many studies have defined risk factors of lymphedema. Number of axillary nodes removed and radiotherapy especially on axillary nodes are the main risk factors. Others factors have been described such as type of surgery (mastectomy/tumorectomy), overweight at time of cancer, weight gain after surgery, skin puncture, reduction of physical activity. Risk of lymphedema and its complications (cellulitis, psychological and aesthetic discomfort) may be reduce by improvement in radiotherapy methods, sentinel lymph node biopsy, weight control, maintain of level physical activity after treatment and avoidance of skin puncture on ipsilateral arm.