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Bulletin du Cancer


Cytogenetics, cytogenomics and cancer Volume 89, issue 2, Février 2002


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Laboratoire de génomique cellulaire des cancers, UMR 1599 CNRS et Département de pathologie, Institut Gustave-Roussy, 39, rue Camille-Desmoulins, 94805 Paris-Villejuif Cedex.

Chromosomal study in malignancy has demonstrated the pivotal role of somatic chromosomal rearrangements in oncogenesis and tumoral progression. Structural or quantitative these abnormalities can now be studied in great details with the various Fish techniques, including CGH on chromosomes or in a near future on micro arrays. The multistep pattern of most solid tumors is caracterized and their genomic abnormalities more and more used for the diagnosis and the prognosis.