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Annales de Biologie Clinique

Annales de Biologie Clinique

Multidisciplinary information with direct relevance to everyday practice

Annales de Biologie Clinique, the official journal of the French Society of Clinical Biology (SFBC), supports biologists in areas including continuing education, laboratory accreditation and technique validation.

With original articles, abstracts and accounts of everyday practice, the journal provides details of advances in knowledge, techniques and equipment, as well as a forum for discussion open to the entire community.

Annales de Biologie Clinique is indexed in all the major databases and recognized for its scientific quality.

Ahead of print

Original article

Article Lactate blood measurement in acute cyanide poisoning: effect of preanalytical delay and hydroxocobalamin uses as treatment
Pascal Houzé, Marie Laforge, Frédéric J. Baud
Online since 16/12/2017

Article original

Article Comparative study of the serum measurement of PTH on Roche Cobas e411® versus the Abbott Architect ci8200®
Mohammed Bensalah, Ouardia Bouayadi, Nawal Rahmani, Amina Lyagoubi, Somiya Lamrabat, Mohammed Choukri
Online since 16/12/2017

Article Epstein Barr virus and invasive mammary carcinomas: EBNA, EBERs and molecular profile in a population of West Algeria
Radia Yahia, Chahinez Zaoui, Wafaa Derbale, Hafsa Boudi, Yahia Chebloune, Tewfik Sahraoui, Fatima Zohra Elkebir
Online since 17/01/2018

Article Determination of procalcitonin (PCT) in micro-method on AQT90 FLEX® analyzer and in vitro stability study
Louis Mine, Morgane Petit, Valérie Nivet-Antoine, Jean-Louis Beaudeux, Carole Hennequin
Online since 05/12/2017

Article Impact of a in situ laboratory on physician expectancy
Romain Brulé, Marianne Sarazin, Nicole Tayeb, Martine Roubille, Anton Szymanowicz
Online since 14/12/2017


Article Retrospective assessment of an assisted reproductive technology method
Siham Aboulmakarim, Amal Benbella, Houyam Hardizi, Rachid Bezad
Online since 05/12/2017

Biologie au quotidien

Article Cholera in Brest, France
Laurence Pougnet, Richard Pougnet, Audrey Voarino, Jeanne Sapin, Isabelle Drouillard, Marie Laure Quilici, Catherine Désidéri-Vaillant
Online since 10/01/2018

Article Purulent pericarditis, an unusual complication of pneumococcal pneumonia: a case report
Ghizlane Zoulati, Ramatou Yèya Maïga, Rachid Kerzaz, Ghita Yahyaoui, Mustapha Harandou, Mustapha Mahmoud
Online since 12/01/2018

Article Cefazolin and coagulation disorders: a case report
Eugénie Gay, Anne Barthel, Nicolas Rouzic, Basile Henriot, Baptiste Quélennec, Aurélien Lorleac’h, Nathalie Prades, François Schmitt
Online since 13/12/2017

Article Auer rod-like inclusions in non blast cells
Alexandra Chapuis, Safia Chebrek, Hélène Lefrand, Anne-Laure Chesnais, Guillaume Granier, Hacène Zerazhi, Elisabeth André-Kerneïs
Online since 22/11/2017