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Science et changements planétaires / Sécheresse

Science et changements planétaires / Sécheresse

Volume 15, issue 1, JANVIER-FÉVRIER-MARS 2004

Volume 15, issue 1, JANVIER-FÉVRIER-MARS 2004


En accès libre La gestion conservatoire de l‘eau, et de la fertilité des sols : une stratégie nouvelle de la lutte antiérosive pour le développement durable (p.5-7)
Eric Roose

Note de recherche

En accès libre Soil erosion and conservation in Sahelian highlands: The case of Northern Ethiopia (p.33-9)
Jan Nyssen, Jean Poesen, Jan Moeyersons, Jozef Deckers, Mitiku Haile

En accès libre Interaction between nutrients and water and soil conservation techniques in runoff control and soil fertility management in Burkina Faso (p.41-8)
Robert Zougmoré, Korodjouma Ouattara, Abdoulaye Mando, Badiori Ouattara

En accès libre Restoring the fertility of degraded Sahelian soils using variable dung and hydro retaining fertilizer doses: A return on experiment (p.49-55)
Jean‐Marie Karimou Ambouta, Ibrahim Bouzou Moussa

En accès libre Comparison between aggregate or clod stability and runoff and interrill erosion risks measured on runoff (p.57-64)
Drissa Diallo Bernard Barthès Didier Orange Éric Roose

En accès libre Small dams and hill reservoirs: Innovative management for water conservation and for protecting downstream infrastructures. The examples of small dams in Northern Africa and the Middle East (p.78-86)
Jean Albergel, Slah Nasri, Mohamed Boufaroua, Abdallah Droubi, Abdel Aziz Merzouk

En accès libre Impact of land use on runoff and erosion risks in the semiarid hillslopes of North Western Algeria (p.96-104)
Boutkhil Morsli, Mohammed Mazour, Nadjia Mededjel, Abdelkrim Hamoudi, Eric Roose

En accès libre Assessing runoff and erosion risk indicators on the main soils of the Mediterranean mountains of the Western Rif area (Morocco) (p.105-10)
Mohamed Sabir, Bernard Barthes, Éric Roose

Article scientifique

En accès libre Wind erosion in the Nigerian Sahel: Impact of present cultural practices and control measures (p.19-32)
Charles L. Bielders, Jean‐Louis Rajot, Karlheinz Michels

En accès libre Soil water dynamics and land management under global change in a semiarid Mediterranean area (Rabat, Morocco) (p.65-77)
Abdellah Laouina, Céleste Coelho, Coen Ritsema, Miloud Chaker, Rachida Nafaa, Imad Fenjiro, Mustapha Antari, Antonio Ferreira, Simone Van Dijck

En accès libre Influence of cultural practices on the risks of runoff and interrill erosion under vineyard in Ardeche (France) (p.111-20)
Didier Blavet, Georges De Noni, Éric Roose, Ludovic Maillo, Jean‐Yves Laurent, Jean Asseline


En accès libre Evolution of soil and water conservation strategies ‐‐ Towards land husbandry (p.9-18)
Éric Roose

En accès libre Assessment of a 40‐year strategy of soil defence and restoration in Algeria (p.87-95)
Mourad Arabi, Oum Elkhir Kedaid, Lakhdar Bourougaa, Tarik Asla, Éric Roose

En accès libre Research on water erosion in Africa. Review and perspectives (p.121-9)
Éric Roose, Georges De Noni