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Science et changements planétaires / Sécheresse

Science et changements planétaires / Sécheresse

Volume 21, issue 2, avril-mai-juin 2010


Volume 21, issue 2, avril-mai-juin 2010

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En accès libre Farmer perceptions and adaptation options to rainfall change: Evidence from Burkina Faso (p.87-96)
Mathieu Ouédraogo, Youssouf Dembélé, Léopold Somé

En accès libre Evolution of the quaternary water table level in Senegal's Niayes region (1958-1994): Relationship with climate and human activities (p.97-104)
Lazar AA Aguiar, Michelle Garneau, Anne-Marie Lézine, Pascal Maugis

En accès libre Identification of flood zones in the estuary and the lower valley of the Senegal River: A cartographic approach using remote sensing and isotopic geochemistry (p.105-14)
Moctar Diaw, Aliou Mamadou Dia, Serigne Faye, Abdoulaye Faye, Jean Paul Rudant, Soulèye Wade

En accès libre Hydropluviometric fluctuations of the Tafna watershed at Beni Bahdel (North West of Algeria) (p.115-20)
Abderrahmane Nekkache Ghenim, Abdessalem Megnounif, Abdelali Seddini, Abdelali Terfous

En accès libre Geochemical and isotopic study of the shallow aquifer in the Kef region (North Western Tunisia) (p.121-30)
Younes Hamed, Hamed Ben Dhia

En accès libre Mapping zone vulnerability to agricultural pollution with a DRASTIC model and Geographical Information System (GIS): The case of the Chaffar groundwater (South of Sfax, Tunisia) (p.131-46)
Habib Smida, Chokri Abdellaoui, Moncef Zairi, Hamed Ben Dhia

En accès libre Classification of African seasonal hydrological regimes: a potential tool for monitoring environmental change (p.147-53)
David Brousseau, Ali A Assani, Françoise Kalenga, Muaka Mbenza

En accès libre Analysis of herbaceous populations at the Toukounous Sahelian experimental station (Niger): Floral composition and pastoral value (p.154-60)
Ousseina Saidou, Soumana Douma, Ali Zakou Djibo, Riccardo Fortina

Analyse d'ouvrages

En accès libre Analyse d'ouvrages (p.161-3)
Besancenot Jean-Pierre