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Science et changements planétaires / Sécheresse

Science et changements planétaires / Sécheresse

Volume 20, issue 2, avril-mai-juin 2009


Volume 20, issue 2, avril-mai-juin 2009

Article de recherche

En accès libre Local forms of water governance: A cross-analysis of two Mediterranean irrigation systems (p.183-9)
Jeanne Riaux

En accès libre Inappropriate options of development in arid zones: consequences and alternatives, the case of Skhira and its area (Gulf of Gabes, Tunisia) (p.190-8)
Abdeljalil Sghari, Salah Chandoul, Rachid Mansour

En accès libre Cereals in dry farming and annual rainfall: the case of North Algeria (p.199-203)
Dalila Smadhi, Lakhdar Zella

En accès libre Seasonal variation of some structural attributes of the Matmata Mountains ecosystems in southern Tunisia under the effect of drought and anthropozoic action (p.204-9)
Farah Ben Salem, Mohamed Tarhouni, Azaiez Ouled Belgacem, Mohamed Neffati

En accès libre Events of persistent dryness in the Mediterranean throughout the last 50 000 years (p.210-6)
Nathalie Combourieu Nebout, Viviane Bout-Roumazeilles, Isabelle Dormoy, Odile Peyron

En accès libre Contribution of hydrochemistry to the characterization and assessment of the water resources of a multilayered aquiferous system in an arid region (Maknassy basin, central Tunisia) (p.217-22)
Ismail Chenini, Abdallah Ben Mammou

En accès libre Groundwater salinization and vulnerability of coastal resources to climate change: Coastal plain of Saïdia, Morocco (p.223-31)
Abderrahmane Melloul, Mimoun Boughriba, Mohammed Boufaida

En accès libre Contribution of electric and electromagnetic geophysics measurements to the study of the future Samendéni dam: identification of faults and dolerite intrusions (p.232-6)
Samuel Nakolendousse, Suzanne Yaméogo, Alain Nindaoua Savadogo, Youssouf Koussoube

En accès libre Anatomical structures of Boscia senegalensis (Pers.) Lam. ex Poir. and adaptation to dryness (p.237-9)
Ali Mahamane, Saadou Mahamane