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Science et changements planétaires / Sécheresse

Science et changements planétaires / Sécheresse

Volume 16, issue 4, Octobre-Novembre-Décembre 2005


Volume 16, issue 4, Octobre-Novembre-Décembre 2005

Article scientifique

En accès libre The migration of date palms trees to New Caledonia (p.241-6)
Melica Ouennoughi, Daniel Dubost

En accès libre Characteristics and management of a type of coastal dune: The foredunes (p.247-53)
Roland Paskoff

En accès libre Experimenting with the vegetalisation of coastal dunes: The case of the dune complex of Elghirane (Mogods,Tunisia) (p.255-60)
Mohamed dit Sidda Ould Dah, Abdelhamid Khaldi, Mohamed Nejib Rejeb, Belgacem Henchi

En accès libre Squall lines and rainfall over West Africa: Contribution of the SLs to the total rainfall of the summers of 1986 and 1987 (p.269-73)
Amadou Gaye, Alain Viltard, Pierre de Félice

En accès libre The floristic composition of the Saharan rangelands of South East Algeria (p.275-85)
A Chehma, MR Djebar, F Hadjaiji, L Rouabeh

En accès libre Assessment of the production potential of the cereal growing soils of North West Tunisia (p.287-303)
Habib Ben Hassine, Hassen Nahdi, Gilles Bonin, Moncef Ben Salem

Article de recherche

En accès libre Lactating camels and calcic stress: Adaptability of the endocrine function to desert conditions (p.261-7)
Mohammed El Khasmi, Fouad Riad, Abdallah Safwate, Najia El Abbadi, Mohamed Farh, Bernard Faye, Véronique Coxam

Sécheresse en ligne, 3E

En accès libre “Urban and Agro-Silvo-Pasture Woody” species (UASPW) from dry and arid zones with low vegetation cover (p.306-8)
Ronald Bellefontaine, Mohamed Et-tobi, Omar Mhirit

En accès libre Terrestrial layering: An economical propagation technique for certain tropical woody species (p.309-11)
Babou-André Bationo, Saley Karim, Ronald Bellefontaine, Mahamane Saadou, Sita Guinko, Aboubacar Ichaou, Adamou Bouhari

En accès libre Arguments for the study and use of terrestrial layers and root suckers in countries with a low forest cover (p.312-4)
Ronald Bellefontaine, Mohamed Sabir, Kouami Kokou, Sita Guinko, Mahamane Saadou, Aboubacar Ichaou, Chaar Hatem, Babou André Bationo, Saley Karim, Marra Dourma

En accès libre Sexual reproduction is not the only way for a lot of woody trees: Analysis of 875 cases. Introduction, table and bibliography (p.315-7)
Ronald Bellefontaine