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Typological assessment of flooding and mechanical erosion in the Inaouène drainage basin in a semiarid area of Morocco Volume 12, issue 3, Septembre 2001


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Département de géologie, Université Ibn-Tofail, Faculté des sciences, BP 133, Kénitra, Maroc.
  • Page(s) : 187-93
  • Published in: 2001

This study involved reviewing current geodynamic regulation processes in the Inaouène drainage basin. Overall solid material flows were assessed on the basis of flood events. The tonnage of solid material transported to the downstream part of the basin over the 1996-1997 sampling period was around 6.106 t, or a specific degradation of 2,142 t/km2/year. Material mobilized by this erosion and transported by flood was mainly from Prerif marnes, i.e. the lithologic substrate most susceptible to mechanical erosion.