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Livestock systems and animal production in North African steppes: A new reading of the pastoral society in the Maghreb Volume 17, issue 1, Janvier-Juin 2006


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Institut agronomique méditerranéen de Montpellier (Iamm), 3191, route de Mende, 34093 Montpellier cedex 05
  • Key words: Maghreb, steppe, pastoralism, rangelands, animal production
  • Page(s) : 31-9
  • Published in: 2006

Pastoral and agro-pastoral systems in marginal areas of the Maghreb are confronted with huge changes due to social transformations, new economy and innovative techniques. Pastoralism in the Maghreb is characterized by a new type of mobility (motorization) compatible with family sedentarization, by changes in land tenure in the form of recent allotments of collective areas, by the emergence of a new class of very important stockholders (kbir) – innovators but also predators, the development of new techniques of livestock management. Cereal intakes are being combined with feed purchases with a view to generalize and diversify anti-risk strategies in a totally different way from the past.