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Réponse des arbres aux variations du climat dans l’est de la France Volume 4, issue 4, Décembre 1993

INRA, Centre de recherches de Nancy, 54280 Seichamps, Champenoux, France.
  • Page(s) : 241-4
  • Published in: 1993

All the studies were similar in having a large number of trees (1 000 to 2 000) ranging from about 20 to 200 years old ; this was essential for any attempt to separate the effect of growth-ring cambial age from any possible effect related to calendar year. In all cases, a distinct increase in radial growth as from the mid 19th century became apparent : in the silver fir (+ 180%) and beech (+ 100%) of the Vosges mountains, in the silver fir (+ 550%) of the Jura mountains, and in the pedunculate oak (+ 40%) and chestnut oak (+ 64%) of the Lorrain plateau. A number of climatic models were created for the silver fir and oak. The variance explained reached 74-85%. In order to reconstruct long-term tendencies better, most of the models also used concentrations of atmospheric CO 2.