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Quantification and modelling of sediment transport in the basin of Oued Saida (highlands of Algeria) Volume 23, issue 4, Octobre-Novembre-Décembre 2012


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Université Dr Moulay Tahar de Saïda Département d’hydraulique BP 138 Cité el Nasr Saïda (20000) Algérie, Université Aboubakr-Belkaid Département d’hydraulique BP 119 13 000 Tlemcen Algérie

Hydrological measurements and concentrations of suspended matter were conducted by the staff of the national Agency of Water Resources over a period of 30 years on the watershed of Oued Saida. Data analyses have shown the importance of seasons in the understanding of hydrological phenomena in this basin of semi-arid regions. Indeed, the seasonal scale is very representative of the phenomenon of sediment transport. The optimal values of sediment yield were recorded during the autumn season and showed that they significantly surpassed those of the other seasons. This variability can be explained by biogeographical characteristics of the environment and the aggressive nature of autumn rains. Sediment yield is estimated at 29,667 t/year with a specific degradation of 55 t/km 2/year.