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Opérations de développement et droits fonciers en Afrique. La lutte anti-érosive au centre-ouest du Burkina Faso Volume 6, issue 3, Septembre 1995

CRPA, BP 10, Diébougou, Burkina Faso, IUED, CP 136, 1211 Genève 21, Suisse
  • Page(s) : 295-302
  • Published in: 1995

This article compares the work methods and results of two development agencies (an NGO and a public institution) that launched large anti-erosion programmes in the central western area in Burkina Faso. The differences in performance between the two agencies are due to an ensemble of various factors: the working conditions of the extensionists involved in the programmes, the local farming systems that do or do not permit the poursuit of extensive agriculture, the methodology of the approach to the social milieu. The article underlines the fact that there is no ineluctable character to the development of personal strategies by the different actors involved but this predominantly hinges on the «technical» choices made by the decision-makers (design of the project, type of peasant participation, site of the operation, technical changes to be promoted...).