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Forest fire risk: Assessment and cartography. The case of Tizi Ouzou department, Algeria (period 1986-2005) Volume 21, issue 3, juillet-août-septembre 2010


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Faculté des sciences biologiques et des sciences agronomiques Université Mouloud Mammeri Tizi Ouzou BP 17 RP 15 000 Tizi OuzouAlgérie

A first source of information on risk linked to forest fires is found in archives which show when, how and where fires occurred. The fire risk is a datum connected to the space, because local factors intervene. Such risk can consequetnly be the subject of cartographic representation. It is only after such a representation has been made that measures to be taken can be envisaged and adapted to each situation. It is in this logic that the authors decided to exploit the statistical results, obtained over the period 1986-2005, for an evaluation of the fire risk at the level of the department (wilaya) of Tizi Ouzou. The originality of the step lies in the fact that the information useful for the study of risk is mapped by transposing it to the first unit of management of the territory, the municipality. The results grant better knowledge of the sensitive sectors which it is necessary to outline and in which efforts and equipment for fighting forest fires must be concentrated.