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An "indicator" approach to monitoring the relationship between population and environment: from concept to experience Volume 11, issue 3, Septembre 2000


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Institut de recherche pour le développement (IRD), Laboratoire Population Environnement, Université de Provence, Centre Saint-Charles, 3, place Victor-Hugo, 13331 Marseille Cedex 3
  • Page(s) : 171-8
  • Published in: 2000

Since the 80’s, the renewal of the concern in environment problems, in a context of quickly changing socio-economic and demographic dynamics has induced the renewal of questionning on the doctrine, on the concepts and methodologies used as well as on decision patterns. The studies have focused on the notions of “sustainable” development, of “co-viability of ecological and social systems” and have stressed upon the need of the setting up and the continuous measure of sustainable development indicators. The present paper presents the results of a research set in rural Tunisia which copes with the above requirements. A special stress is made upon the methodology which has allowed to build, to test and to propose a monotoring of the indicators of the dynamics of the population-environment relations, with peculiar reference to time-cross study of the anthropic desertification process.