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Watering up the lower Ferlo valley: a strategy against drought in the Senegalese silvopastoral area Volume 13, issue 3, Septembre 2002


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ISRA/LNERV, BP 2057, Dakar Hann, Sénégal.
  • Page(s) : 165-73
  • Published in: 2002

Under its strategy to master and fight drought, Senegal started initiating a policy aimed at watering up fossil valleys. Later on, this undertak-ing was interrupted, essentially due to water management concerns in the Senegal river. The presence of water in the lower Ferlo valley, where activities started first, has had ecological as well as socio-economic impacts. The present paper highlights not only the positive as well as the negative impacts that have already been observed in the lower Ferlo valley, after water has returned, but also the expectations of the local people who continue to use this water resource despite the decrease in its quality.