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Climatic fluctuations and dynamics of landspace occupation in the district of Ain El Hadjar (Saïda, Algeria) Volume 17, issue 3, Juillet-Août-Septembre 2006


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Institut de biologie, Ain-El-Hadjar 20100 Saida Algérie, Université Djilllali Liabes (UDL), Sidi Bel Abbes 22000 Algérie

Landspace occupation in arid zones varies with the climatic fluctuations as well as with farming habits which remain largely traditional although they are often dictated by the capricious fluctuations of the Mediterranean climate itself. Analysing the dynamics of landspace occupation will help us understand and control the directions taken by production systems for the optimum use of each space. Located in-between the High plateaus and the Saïda Mounts, Aïn El Hadjar (Algeria) is a land undergoing important changes, subject to strategic orientations adopted in terms of landspace occupation as a result of its situation in the suburbs of the chief town of the wilaya (département). With its agropastoral vocation, Aïn El Hadjar is the right place for assessing the impact of a landspace development strategy ignorant of climatic fluctuations.