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Evolution of agropastoral community adaptation practices in the regions of North Tillabery and Tahoua in Niger against the background of climate change Volume 23, issue 1, Janvier-Février-Mars 2012


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As the Sahelian climate, the local climate of the North Tillabery area and of the Tahoua department is characterized by great natural variability. The effects of climate change exacerbate this phenomenon and increase the vulnerability of production systems and local communities. Heavily reliant on the use of natural resources, the latter are under the influence of climate constraints to which they adapt according to the opportunities. Their adaptation practices rely mainly on diversification and mobility. Diversification increases the chances of fulfilling family needs and migration makes it possible to use external opportunities. However, given the high anthropic pressure on an already degraded environment, the exponential population growth, economic instability and insecurity, these adaptation practices no longer ensure that subsistence needs are met. The study of the evolution of community adaptation practices points out their limits and reveals the inability of communities to find out how to respond to global changes on their own.