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Évolution de la végétation et du milieu dans la région présaharienne des steppes algériennes Volume 4, issue 2, Juin 1993

USTHB/URBT, BP 812, Alger-Gare.
  • Page(s) : 113-6
  • Published in: 1993

The state of vegetation in the pre-Saharan plains or Algeria is determined by several factors. The effect of rain varies according to region, and depends upon the type of sanded-up milieu. We carried out long-term observations of vegetational variation in a number of sites on two levels. During the dry phase, degradation due by human activity was intense and sanding-up dynamic. Rainy periods were sometimes accompanied by spectacular regrowth. The present study provides for better understanding of the dynamics of these milieux and hence of the desertification process.