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Effect of salt stress on germination, growth and grain yield in some North African wheat varieties Volume 12, issue 3, Septembre 2001


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Institut national de la recherche agronomique de Tunisie, rue Hedi-Karray, 2049 Ariana-Tunis, Tunisie.
  • Page(s) : 167-74
  • Published in: 2001

This study compared the behaviour of some North African wheat varieties under salt stress, from germination to complete maturity. It revealed a depressive effect of salt on germination, growth and grain yield. This effect varied according to stress intensity and variety. Tunisian varieties showed high salt sensitivity, while Moroccan varieties were the most tolerant to this stress. These latter varieties are of interest for improvement programmes to breed varieties with high salt tolerance. They could be used to develop saline zones and/or areas where only saline water is available.