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De la tente à la maison de banco, sédentarisation et déforestation : l’exemple du Tagant en Mauritanie Volume 7, issue 3, Septembre 1996

ESO-URA 915, Université du Maine, BP 535, 72017 Le Mans, France
  • Page(s) : 195-202
  • Published in: 1996

Tagant, like the others areas of Mauritania, is undergoing a substantial wave of settlement - the number of villages has increased from 9 to 162 in 30 years. The new buildings are very simple, contrasting with the architectural style in traditional towns. Roofs, doors and windows are constructed with local woods. This settlement trend, with shepherds switching to farming, combined with rainfall shortages, has led to serious deforestation and desertification problems. The hardiest trees are systematically cut down, and wadi beds are irremediably cleared of all trees, which has prompted silting.