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Contribution of GIS to irrigation planning ‐ Application to the Zriga perimeter (Western Algeria) Volume 14, issue 2, Avril 2003


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Laboratoire de géomatique, CNTS, BP 13, Arzew 31200, Oran, Algérie <mendaskyahoo.fr>

Relying on the physico‐climatic data relative to an irrigation scheme, the object of this work is to assess the contribution of GIS, a powerful tool for management and decision‐making, for the planning of irrigation at scheme level.Using the GIS storage, processing, analysis, and visualization capacities, the aim is to locate the most favorable zones for irrigation and to determine the scope of these projects based on the areas known to be irrigable according to the water available. The more accurate and up‐to‐date the information about the environment, the better the manager will be able to make a decision, and determine a strategy. An application to the perimeter of Zriga (Western Algeria) is presented.