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Calamités naturelles et fatalité historique Volume 1, issue 1, Mars 1990

Institut Agronomique et vétérinaire Hassan II. BP 6202 RABAT-MAROC.
  • Page(s) : 11-6
  • Published in: 1990

Thanks to the use of complementary techniques, it has been possible to reconstitute the climate in Marocco in the past four centuries with an acceptable accuracy. Dendrochronology, for example, has been successfully used by an american scientific team (Stockton), to deliver the most liable data. Using these indications, the comparisons between the data pertaining to the climate, and the most prevalent historical facts during three major periods show that there is a surprising independance among factors that appear to be logically linked together, such as natural calamities (dearth), health events (epidemies), and political events (social disorders, wars, invasions...).