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General practitioners' needs for continuing medical education in the Sousse region (Tunisia) Volume 12, issue 4, Octobre - Décembre 2002


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Service d'épidémiologie et de statistiques médicales, CHU Farhat, Hached-de-Sousse, Tunisie.
  • Page(s) : 393-7
  • Published in: 2003

A continuing medical education is an essential activity in the search for doctors' performance, provided it is adapted to the specificity of their medical practice. The objective of this work is to identify the needs of general practitioners in relation to continuing medical education. It is a structural descriptive and transversal survey of about 112 general practitioners among the 140 doctors in the Sousse region in 2000. Data have been collected through a questionnaire that develops the expectation of general practitioners concerning the themes, domains and specialities privileged in a continued training. This research shows that the diagnostic and therapeutic strategies of current affections were themes requested by 85% of general practitioners. The doctor-patient relation has been chosen by 71% of doctors. Emergency medicine was the speciality proposed by most of them. Thus, general practitioners expect a permanent training specific to their profile that could improve their clinical and relational competences.