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Corticotherapy in the otorhinolaryngology service at Brazzaville university hospital Volume 13, issue 2, Avril 2003

CHU de Brazzaville, Service ORL, BP 32, Brazzaville Congo <ondzottovoilà.fr> <gondzottoyahoo.fr>

Corticoids are one of the great therapeutic advances of modern medicine. A retrospective study of corticotherapy conducted in the otorhinolaryngology and cervicofacial surgery service at Brazzaville University Hospital (Centre hospitalier et universitaire de Brazzaville) examined 952 cases treated from 1996 through 2000 and enabled us to determine that: corticoids account for 14% of the treatments prescribed to ENT patients; the patients’ average age was 27 years; the most common indications were infections and/or inflammatory disorders (98.2%); local administration was most often prescribed (78.7%, compared with systemic, 21.3%); dexamethasone (60.1%) and betamethasone (19.5%) were prescribed most often; the average duration of treatment was 8 days; adverse reactions were rare (2 cases); treatment was effective in 78% of the cases.