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L'Orthodontie Française

L'Orthodontie Française

Volume 91, issue 3, Octobre 2020


Volume 91, issue 3, Octobre 2020

L’Orthodontie Française

En accès libre La contention : un véritable défi. Entretien avec Simon J. Littlewood (p.173-8)
Simon J. Littlewood, Sophie Rozencweig
Open Access

Article Predictors of re-consultation and impact of the retainer on relapse and debonding rate ten years after removal of orthodontic appliances (p.179-90)
Laure De Launay, Marie-José Goumy, Fabien Subtil, Sarah Gebeile-Chauty

Article Quality of finishing occlusion and long-term stability of orthodontic treatments with premolar extractions : A systematic review (p.191-5)
Ameni Chok, Ines Dallel, Moncef Ommezine, Samir Tobji, Adel Ben Amor

Article Does instrumental delivery have an influence on the need for orthodontic treatment? (p.197-207)
Lucie Chenal, Sarah Gebeile-Chauty

Article Impact of orthodontic treatment and psychological parameters on oral health related quality of life of children in Middle Eastern country (p.209-24)
Adib Kassis, Nada El Osta, Lana El Osta, Joseph Ghoubril

Article What are the factors associated with mandibular asymmetries? A case-control study (p.225-38)
Audrey Baeumlin, Sandrine Hermer, Fabien Subtil, Sarah Gebeile-Chauty

Article Early treatment of Class III malocclusion by maxillary protraction facial mask: effects on craniofacial structures and upper airway dimensions (p.239-48)
Hassen Dakhlaoui, Rim Ben El Kahla, Hiba Gmati, Mariem Nasfi, Anissa El Yemni Zinelabidine

Article Self-ligating brackets and friction in vivo : micro-morphological and chemical assessment of active slot surface (p.249-62)
Hasnaa Dehbi, Loubna Bahije, Fatima Zaoui, Hicham Benyahia