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L'Orthodontie Française

L'Orthodontie Française

Volume 88, issue 1, 89e réunion scientifique SFODF Biarritz 2017 - seconde partie


Volume 88, issue 1, 89e réunion scientifique SFODF Biarritz 2017 - seconde partie

Article original

Article Introduction (p.1-2)
Sophie Rozencweig, Georges Rozencweig

Article The extraction-non extraction dilemma: a case in the border (p.3-13)
José Chaqués-Asensi

Article Possibilities and limits of orthodontico-surgical treatments in case of macrodontia (p.15-23)
Christian Paulus

Article Effect of dental arch length decrease during orthodontic treatment in the upper airway development. A review (p.25-33)
Stéphanie Haddad, Jean-Baptiste Kerbrat, Thomas Schouman, Patrick Goudot

Article Skeletal anchorage in the past, today and tomorrow (p.35-44)
Birte Melsen, Michel Dalstra

Article Treatment goals in FACE philosophy (p.45-61)
Domingo Martin, Amaia Maté, Paula Zabalegui, Jaime Valenzuela

Article Consideration of the shape of the teeth in facial hyperdivergency (p.63-79)
Olivier Sorel, Mohamed Naaim, Pierre-Alexandre Chataigner, Damien Brézulier, Valérie Bertaud

Article How to manage with rigour but flexibility an orthodontic practice (p.81-6)
Edmond Binhas, Corinne Binhas

Article How can we achieve balanced communication to be clearer, more exhaustive and more efficient? What techniques are needed? (p.87-91)
Michel Bartala

Seconde partie du numéro

Article How to analyze periodontal morphotypes in order to reduce the risk of periodontal recession (p.95-103)
Mathilde Jalladaud, Mike Lahmi, Corinne Lallam

Article Communications affichées présentées lors de la 88e réunion scientifique de la SFODF à Marseille. Seconde partie (p.105-14)

Article Hommage à Michel Vaugeois (p.115)
Christine Boehm-Hurez