John Libbey Eurotext

L'Orthodontie Française


Préparation orthodontique pré-chirurgicale des asymétries faciales Volume 74, issue 1, Mars 2003


As with the treatment of all facial deformities, orthodontic pre-surgical preparation for facial asymmetry should aim at correcting severe occlusal discrepancies not solely on the basis of a narrow occlusal analysis but also in a way that will not disturb the proposed surgical protocol.

In addition, facial asymmetries require spécifie adjustments, difficult to dérive and to apply because of their inherent atypical morphological orientation of both alveolar and basai bony support.

Three treated cases illustrate différent solutions to problems posed by pathological torque : this torque must be considered with respect to proposed surgical changes, within the framework of their limitations and their possible contra-indications.