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Root apex localization of palatally displaced canines Volume 83, issue 2, Incisives centrales et orthodontie

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Introduction: The aim of this study was to investigate the positions of the root apices of palatally impacted canines with cone beam computed tomography. While it is true that the position of the crown determines the surgical approach and direction of traction, the location of the apex also plays an important role in orthodontic mechanics. Methods: Twenty-seven unilateral palatally impacted canines were evaluated on cone beam images. Measurements were taken using Osirix® software, in order to compare the location of the apex of the palatally impacted canine with the apex of the contro-lateral normally erupted canine. Results: The root apex of a palatally impacted canine was usually correctly positioned in the line of the arch. Conclusion: In most cases, the orthodontic management of palatally impacted canines requires little or no root torquing.