John Libbey Eurotext

L'Orthodontie Française


La ventilation en pratique O.D.F. Volume 76, issue 1, Mars 2005


In this paper, the author presents his method of dealing with breathing problems when he conducts an orthodontic consultation. Because they can interfere with growth, the author believes that ventilation disorders should be dealt with promptly so that they cannot cause skeletal discrepancies.

After having reviewed the literature, the author presents his clinical procedures for uncovering and treating breathing disorders and then shows treated cases to illustrate his techniques, one of the most important of which, palate splitting, is simple, effective and virtually without risk.

In addition to its clear orthodontic benefits, rapid palate expansion can prevent the growth problems that frequently accompany breathing disorders6. He believes that the Delaire's facial mask is the ideal preventive device for dealing with problems associated with skeletal Class III malocclusions. He asserts that, when indicated, the device can work well in conjunction with palatal expansion.