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L'Orthodontie Française


Étude de l'effet de la thérapeutique «Distal Active Concept» sur la croissance faciale. Comparaison avec un échantillon de sujets non traités en classe II Volume 76, issue 2, Juin 2005


The purpose of this study is to evaluate the skeletal and dentoalveolar changes between subjects treated with "Distal Active Concept" therapy and class II untreated subjects. A cephalometric study includes 262 patients of ages ranging from 17 to 15 years. The processed comparisons according to gender and facial divergence show a non significant difference of maxillary measures and an important mandibular growth in the treated subjects. Males have been found to sustain more growth and effect from DAC® therapy than females. This therapy affects hypodivergent and normodivergent subjects identically.

The vertical effect of DAC® treatment has been translated in an anticlockwise mandibular growth rotation.

The increase of vertical growth factors has been identical between males and females; nevertheless, a significant difference prevails between hypodivergent and normodivergent subjects.