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L'Orthodontie Française


Bone-based anchorage failure Volume 87, issue 1, 88e réunion scientifique de la S.F.O.D.F., Marseille, 13–14 mai 2016

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The aim of this article is to list the circumstances likely to give rise to failure of orthodontic temporary bone-supported anchorage and, hence, to attempt to define criteria for correct miniscrew usage. Our study was based on a review of the literature and analyses of clinical cases. Our findings show that, with a sound knowledge of the indications for screw selection and positioning and of the insertion protocols combined with a clear understanding of orthodontic mechanics, bone-based anchorage can henceforth provide orthodontists with an essential tool to enable formerly unachievable dental movements and to stabilize unwanted movements, thus making treatment both more reliable and more effective.