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Correlation between sagittal photogrammetric measurements of the soft tissue profile and dental arches measurements Volume 86, issue 4, Décembre 2015

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Introduction: Sagittal soft-tissue analyses made from photographic records (sagittal photogrammetric analysis of the soft tissues) allow orthodontists to quantify the sagittal dimension and situation of the facial soft tissues. These tissues maintain close anatomical relationships with the underlying dental arches. However, little importance has been given to the description and the comparison of the sagittal soft tissue morphology according to dental arches parameters. The purpose of this study was to determine the correlation between the sagittal photogrammetric soft tissue profile and the dental arches measurements. Materials and methods: A cross-sectional study was performed in a group of students. Standardized facial-profile photographs were taken with each student in natural head position, and relaxed lip posture. Photogrammetric parameters were measured on paper sheet using a graduated ruler. Dental arches measurements were also performed directly into the mouth with an electronic caliper. The strength of the association between sagittal photogrammetric soft tissue measurements and dental arches parameters was investigated by a Pearson’s correlation. Results were regarded as significant at p = 0.05. Results: The lips protrusion parameters were significantly and positively correlated with the dental arch lengths. The overjet was significantly and positively correlated with Ls/Sn-Sm. The overbite was significantly and negatively correlated with the sagittal labial parameters Ls / N-Ort, Li / N-Ort, Ls-E, Li E, Ls-S, Li S, Ls / Sn-Sm and Li / Sn-Sm. Conclusion: The correlations found in this study show the importance of taking into account the soft tissue in the diagnosis and orthodontic treatment of patients.