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Proper procedure for adhesive reconstructions with an emphasis on maintaining aesthetics: treating people from 7 to 77 years Volume 83, issue 2, Incisives centrales et orthodontie

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Aesthetics is not an empty word: it is full of meaning, not only for patients but also for practitioners who regularly practice this «science». Maintenance of a high standard of quality has become so important that it requires the active, collaborative participation of several disciplines in the field of dentistry so that patients can be assured of getting the good results they justifiably expect. Orthodontics, composite stratification, bonding techniques, minimally invasive preparations, and all-ceramics, all represent what enables us to meet the growing demand of aesthetics. Even if young adults remain uninterested in these applications for many years, as life-expectancy increases, these adults will one day join the "aesthetic" community. A thorough knowledge of therapeutic indications, a deep respect for different treatment durations as well as different technical solutions will allow us to respond positively to their demands.