L'Orthodontie Française


Apport d'une gouttière fonctionnelle et orthopédique au traitement des malocclusions de classe II Volume 74, issue 1, Mars 2003


The numerous therapeutic, psychological and functional benefits that derive from using a two-stage approach to the treatment of Class II malocclusions can sometimes be partially offset by difficulties stemming from the choice of technique: patients may be reluctant to wear cumbersome appliances which, when they are worn, can interfere with speech production, the quaiity of therapeutic improvement may be reduced by undesirable dento-alveolar responses to orthopedic forces, treatment results may turn out to be unstable at the final finishing stage and continuation of treatment at the time of the appearance of the young adult dentition may be jeopardized.

The author has designed a new appliance, a functional orthopedic splint whose slim design largely eliminates these problems. Suitable for use in a variety of techniques, this easily worn device greatly reduces unwanted dento-alveolar responses as it stimulates desirable functional improvement and gives orthodontists much improved control of their treatment of Class II malocclusions.