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Médecine et Santé Tropicales

Médecine et Santé Tropicales

Volume 29, issue 1, Janvier-Février-Mars 2019


Volume 29, issue 1, Janvier-Février-Mars 2019


Article Negligence (p.5-6)
J. Jannin


Article It is true Artemisia (p.7-8)
P. Millet

En direct

Article Firth global symposium on research of healthcare système, Liverpool (United Kingdom), October 8-12, 2018 (p.9-14)
É. Guillard, K. Kadio, E. Mc Sween-Cadieux, V. Ridde

Article Neglected tropical diseases (NTD): French-speaking researchers-fighters call for an integrated approach to diagnosis (p.23-5)
J.-P. Boutin

History trop

Article Pierre Richet (1904-1983), fighting onchocerciasis and totalitarism (p.15-20)
J.-P. Boutin, J.-M. Milleliri

In memoriam

Article Homage to professeur Guy Charmot (p.21-2)
P. Saliou


Article Transmission congénitale de la maladie de Chagas (p.26-7)
P. Bourée

Article Intérêt du quantiféron en dépistage (p.26)
P. Bourée

Article Gravité des diarrhées aiguës de l’enfant (p.27)
P. Bourée

Article Dyspepsie et Helicobacter pylori (p.27-8)
P. Bourée

Article Fréquence des entéropathogènes chez les enfants (p.28)
P. Bourée

Sur place

Article Inventory of the epidemiological situation of leprosy in Haiti (2013-2017) for the Five-Year Plan: A first stage toward the implementation of the international strategy to combat leprosy, 2016-2020 (p.29-35)
M. Dorcelus, S. Delaigue, S. Bourdeau, J.-N. Saint-Louis, M. Cerpa, W. Morose

Geste sur le terrain

Article Type III open tibia fractures in low-resources setting. Part 3: achievement of bone union and treatment of segmental bone defects (p.36-42)
L. Mathieu, V. Mongo, L. Potier, A. Bertani, C.D. Niang, S. Rigal

Quel est votre diagnostic ?

Article Lost in a rain forest (p.43-5)
F. Morin, C. Debiton-Morin, F. Dufour-Gaume, S. Annette

Articles originaux

Article Distribution and relative densities of Aedes aegypti in Niger (p.47-54)
R. Labbo, A. Doumma, I. Mahamadou, I. Arzika, A. Soumana, S. Kadri, I. Idi, J. Testa

Article Evaluation of the effect of mass drug administration against lymphatic filariasis in three health districts and public health implications: study of 12 epidemiological surveillance sites in Burkina Faso (p.55-60)
A. Kima, K.T. Guiguemde, Z.C. Meda, R. Bougma, M. Serme, C. Bougouma, F. Drabo

Article Influence of physicochemical parameters on the spatial distribution of snail species that are intermediate hosts of human schistosomes in the Senegal River Delta (p.61-7)
S. Bakhoum, R.A. Ndione, C.J.E. Haggerty, C. Wolfe, S. Sow, C.T. Ba, G. Riveau, R. Rohr Jason

Article Pellagra and pellagra-like erythema in a hospital setting in Lomé, Togo : retrospective study from 1997 to 2017 (p.68-70)
A.S. Akakpo, B. Saka, J.N. Teclessou, A. Mouhari-Toure, Y. Moise Elegbede, K. Kombate, K. Tchangai-Walla, P. Pitche

Article Postpartum infections in a tropical environment: The experience of the infectious diseases department at Fann Teaching Hospital of Dakar (Senegal) (p.71-5)
L. Fortes Déguénonvo, N.A. Lakhe, V.M.P. Cisse, K. Diop Mbaye, D. Ka, N.M. Manga, S. Bougar, N.M. Dia Badiane, C.T. MNdour, M. Soumaré

Article Polyradiculopathies in the neurology department of the Cocody University Hospital, Abidjan, Ivory Coast: epidemiological and clinical profiles and outcomes over a six-year period (p.76-8)
M. Diallo, A.C. Tanoh, Z. Mamadou, L.L. Diallo

Article Practice of anesthesia in african environment: experience of the hospitals of Conakry, Guinea (p.79-83)
J. Donamou, A. Touré, M.M. Bandiaré, M. Konaté, A.I. Sylla

Article Role of exclusive laparotomy in the surgical treatment of septic complications of traumatic diaphragmatic hernia in the thorax (p.84-7)
S. Rabiou, R. Sani, M. Lakranbi, Y. Ouadnouni, M. Smahi

Article Complicated cervico-thoracic cellulitis: the opinion of the thoracic surgeon (p.88-91)
I. Issoufou, H. Harmouchi, L. Belliraj, F.Z. Ammor, S. Rabiou, A. Saeed, H. Younssa, L. James Didier, K. Alio, M. Lakranbi, S. Rachid, Y. Ouadnouni, M. Smahi

Article Epidemiologic profile of Hepatitis A in Meknès, Morocco, 2013-2016 (p.92-6)
T. Essayagh, M. Essayagh, A. El Rhaffouli, S. Essayagh

Article Childhood cancer: epidemiology in the pediatric oncology department of a university hospital center in Abidjan, Ivory Coast (p.97-101)
L. Couitchere, G. N’da, J.M. Aholi, M. N’doumy, R. Azagoh, S. Oulai

Article Pruritus in chronic hemodialysis patients in the nephrology department of the Point G University Hospital (Bamako-MALI) (p.102-5)
N. Coulibaly, B. Traoré, A.A. Tounkara, A.M. Traoré, A.Z.S. Coulibaly

Communication courte

Article Therapeutic phlebotomy during major sickle cell disease in Togo (p.106-7)
E. Padaro, I.M.D. Kueviakoe, K. Agbétiafa, H. Magnang, K. Mawussi, Y. Layibo, A. Vovor

Article Rare complication of antimalarial prophylaxis by doxycycline: drug-related pollakiuria (p.108-9)
S.P. Corcostegui, M. Doutre, M. Marchandeau

Article Cade oil poisoning: about a case (p.110-1)
K. Lakhdar, M.A. Berdai, S. Benlamkadem, S. Labib, M. Harandou