Médecine et Santé Tropicales

Médecine et Santé Tropicales

Volume 23, issue 2, Avril-Mai-Juin 2013


Volume 23, issue 2, Avril-Mai-Juin 2013


Article Editorial (p.117)
Abdou Diouf

Sur place

Article Closure of the Pharo (p.118-9)
Jean-Marc Debonne


Article Inequalities in access to care in Africa (p.120-7)
Bertrand Livinec, Jean-Marie Milleliri, Jean-Loup Rey, Pierre Saliou

Lu pour vous

Article Ethnic dermatology: principles and practice (p.127)
J.-J. Morand

Geste sur le terrain

Article Treatment of complete traumatic avulsion of an incisor tooth in adults (p.128-31)
A Benmansour


Article Blood eosinophilia in the tropics (p.132-44)
H. Savini, F. Simon

History Trop

Article History of human epidemic and endemic diseases in the southwest Indian Ocean (p.145-57)
B.-A. Gaüzère, P. Aubry


Article Stratégie de lutte contre la lèpre (p.158-9)
P. Bourée

Article Thrombopénie avec Plasmodium vivax et P. falciparum (p.158)
P. Bourée

Article Parasitoses intestinales et immunofluorescence (p.159)
P. Bourée

Article Listériose materno-fœtale et nosocomiale (p.159-60)
P. Bourée

Article Anémie par carence en vitamine B12 (p.160-1)
P. Bourée

Article Recrudescence de la fièvre jaune (p.161)
P. Bourée

Article original

Article Prenatal care in the city of Marrakech (p.162-7)
F.Z. El Hamdani, P. Vimard, A. Baali, M. Zouini, M. Cherkaoui

Article Quality of care to prevent and treat postpartum hemorrhage and pre-eclampsia/eclampsia : an observational assessment in Madagascar's hospitals (p.168-75)
E. Bazant, J.P. Rakotovao, J.R. Rasolofomanana, V. Tripathi, P. Gomez, R. Favero, S. Moffson

Article Prevalence and factors associated with renal disease among patients with newly diagnoses of HIV in Brazzaville, Republic of Congo (p.176-80)
M.H. Ekat, C. Courpotin, M. Diafouka, M. Akolbout, D. Mahambou-Nsonde, P.R. Bitsindou, P. Nzounza, B. Simon

Article Delayed diagnosis of Plasmodium falciparum in a soldier in Uganda: false-positive rapid diagnostic test associated with reduced repeats in pfhrp2 (p.181-4)
N. Wurtz, S. Briolant, D. Lemarié, V. Pommier de Santi, A. Pascual, T. Roodt, N. Benoit, C. Hupin, B. Pradines

Article Anencephaly in twin pregnancy: a series of 6 cases (p.185-8)
A. Amadou, L. Sonhaye, B. Douaguibe, M. Tchaou, L.K. Agoda-Koussema, K. Etteh Adjenou, K. N’Dakena

Article Prescription of antibiotic drugs for children at the Brazzaville University Hospital Center (Congo) (p.189-92)
J.R. Mabiala Babela, L.C. Ollandzobo Ikobo, A. Mbika Cardorelle, G. Moyen

Article Management of end-stage kidney failure: a challenge for the countries of sub-Saharan Africa Example of mineral and bone disorders in Burkina Faso (p.193-6)
G. Coulibaly, G.E. Kaboré, O. Diallo, D.-D. Ouédraogo, H. Fessi, P. Ronco, P. Zabsonré, A. Lengani

Article Current profile of cerebral toxoplasmosis in a hospital setting in Dakar (p.197-201)
Y. Cissoko, M. Seydi, L. Fortes Deguenonvo, A.C. Attinssounon, S.A. Diop Nyafouna, N.M. Manga, N.D.M. Dia Badiane, C. Tidiane Ndour, M. Soumare, B.M. Diop, P.S. Sow

Article Treatment of inguinal hernia in a difficult environment: feasibility and efficacy of ilioinguinal and iliohypogastric blocks (p.202-5)
P. Goutorbe, G. Lacroix, G. Pauleau, E. Daranda, G. Goin, J. Bordes, E. Meaudre, P. Balandraud

Article Management of spinal cord compression in Togo (p.206-10)
I. Kassegne, K. Sakiye, K. Kanassoua, A.K. Beketi, S.B. Badiane, K.A.A. Balogou

Article Heart failure patterns in Djibouti: epidemiologic transition (p.211-6)
P.L. Massoure, N.C. Roche, G. Lamblin, F. Topin, C. Dehan, É. Kaiser, L. Fourcade


Article Hygiene of transvaginal ultrasound probes in a developing country: case of Togo (p.221)
M. Tchaou, L. Sonhaye, D. Aboubakari, E. Téko-Agbo, L.K. Agoda-Koussema, K. Adjénou, A. Amadou, B. Kolou, K. N’Dakéna

Article Funding of a free healthcare campaign in a rural district of Cameroon: Optimizing the role of civil society in sub-Saharan Africa (p.222-4)
B. Keugoung, F. Fouelifack Ymele, J. Dongtsa Mabou, C. Nangue, P. Ngouadjio Kougoum, L. Takoudjou, D. Hercot, J. Meli

Communications Pharo 2013

Article Invasive aspergillosis of sphenoidal sinus in a patient in Djibouti, revealed by palsy of cranial nerves: a case report (p.217-20)
A. Crambert, J. Gauthier, R. Vignal, C. Conessa, B. Lombard

Article Settlements, landscapes, and risks of sleeping sickness at the mouth of the Rio Pongo in Guinea-Conakry (p.225)
J. Rouamba, J.C. Bruneau, I. Sory, M. Kagbadouno, B. Coulibaly, V. Jamonneau, P. Solano, J.B. Rayaisse, M. Camara, F. Courtin

Article Can schistosomiasis be defeated? An example from Senegal (p.226)
B. Ndao, I. Sy, I. Talla, D. Barbier, F. Klotz, P. Georges

Article Epidemics of schistosomiasis in military staff assigned to endemic areas: standard diagnostic techniques and the development of real-time PCR techniques (p.226-7)
E. Biance-Valero, F. De Laval, M. Delerue, H. Savini, S. Cheinin, P. Leroy, B. Soullié

Article Buruli ulcers: an advocacy agenda to improve its control (p.227-8)
J. Potet, M. Casenghi, G. Charitha, Y. Mueller, J.F. Etard, É. Comte

Article Preliminary results about loiasis in the district of Likouala in the Republic of the Congo (p.227)
J. Akiana, A. Bokilo Dzia Lepfoundzou, E. Mokondjimobe, H.J. Parra, C.S. Sokhna, O. Faye

Article 12 challenges to improve the management of Buruli ulcers (p.228-9)
Médecins sans frontières (Suisse)

Article Differential diagnoses of infection with Mycobacterium ulcerans: case reports from Akonolinga, Cameroon (p.229)
L. Toutous Trellu, P. Nkemenang, B. Mboua, É. Tschanz, G. Ehounou, É. Comte, J.F. Etard, E. Tabah Njih, Y. Mueller

Article Molecular diagnosis by real-time PCR of Leishmania isolated from the Phlebotomus vector (p.230)
K. Frahtia-Benotmane, I. Mihoubi, S. Picot

Article Demonstration of the Leishmanicidal activity of Stachys guyoniana against Leishmania major in eastern Algeria (p.230-1)
I. Mihoubi, I. Ramli, K. Frahtia, Z. Kabouche, Z. Harrat

Article The prevalence of yaws among the Aka in the Congo (p.231-2)
M. Coldiron, D. Obvala, I. Mouniaman-Nara, J. Pena, C. Blondel, K. Porten

Article Management of lymphoedema due to lymphatic filariasis: experience of the Handicap International Federation (p.231)
P. Brantus

Article Epidemiology of cervical cancer in a region of western Algeria, 2006-2010 (p.232-3)
L. Boublenza, K. Hadef, H. Beldjillali, N. Chabni, D. Reguegba, K. Meguenni

Article Training in disaster medicine in Africa: Where we are in 2013 (p.233)
Zwafur A.V. Bayala, M. Rüttimann

Article Leptospirosis epidemic: 48 cases (p.234)
M. Afiri, F. Toudeft, K.D. Ait

Article Renal manifestations of leptospirosis: 88 cases (p.234-5)
M. Afiri, A. Amara Khorba, D. Ait Kaid

Article Hydatid fertility and protoscolex viability in humans: study of 78 hydatid samples collected between 2005 and 2012 and analyzed at the parasitology laboratory of the Mustapha University Hospital Center of Algiers (p.235)
H. Zait, M. Boulahbel, F. Zait, I. Achir, M.T. Guerchani, H. Chaouche, Y. Ladjadje, B. Hamrioui

Article HIV risk practices and access to prevention in a men's prison in Burkina Faso (p.236-7)
O. Ouedraogo, J.B. Guiard Schmid, T.M. Ouedraogo, C. Mesenge, C. Rapp

Article Assessment of vaccination coverage among travelers to areas where yellow fever is endemic (Senegal) (p.236)
C. Rapp, K.B. Fall, A. Tall, R. Michel, P. Royon, L. de Gentile, J.P. Leroy, É. Caumes, O. Bouchaud

Article Health-care demand and disease-related health-care costs in Senegal (p.237)
M. Dieng

Article Imported hepatic amebiasis in adults: retrospective study of 58 cases (p.238)
C. Rapp, C. Valentin, C. Verret, J. Margery, F. Simon, C. Ficko, T. Carmoi