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Magnesium Research

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Magnesium Research

Volume 21, issue 1, march 2008


Volume 21, issue 1, march 2008

review article

En accès libre Magnesium in drug dependences (p.5-15)
Mihai Nechifor

original article

En accès libre Effects of Mg2+, pH and PCr on cardiac excitation-metabolic coupling (p.16-28)
Anushka Michailova, Andrew D McCulloch

En accès libre Magnesium dietary manipulation and recovery of function following controlled cortical damage in the rat (p.29-37)
Michael R Hoane, David R Gilbert, Adrianne B Barbre, Stacy A Harrison

En accès libre Magnesium and other bivalent cations influence upon sodium montelukast effect in experimental-induced thermoalgesia (p.38-42)
Mihai Nechifor, Magda Cuciureanu, Dan Chelarescu, Diana Ciubotariu, Mihaela Pascu

En accès libre Calcium and magnesium content in hard tissues of rats under condition of subchronic lead intoxication (p.43-50)
Tatjana Todorovic, Dragana Vujanovic, Ivan Dozic, Aleksandra Petkovic-Curcin

En accès libre Estimation of precision and inaccuracy for serum magnesium determination on the basis of interlaboratory comparison data Accreditation ISO 15189 (p.51-7)
Silvia Izquierdo Álvarez, Alicia Boudet García, Santiago Otero Martínez, María Dolores Fernández González, Joaquín González Revaldería, Ángel García De Jalón Comet, Jesús Fernando Escanero Marcén

En accès libre Magnesium deficiency and endothelial dysfunction: is oxidative stress involved? (p.58-64)
Federica I Wolf, Valentina Trapani, Matteo Simonacci, Silvia Ferré, Jeanette AM Maier

recent advances and opinions in magnesium research

En accès libre Intravenous magnesium for cardiac arrhythmias: jack of all trades (p.65-8)
Kwok-Ming Ho